Luckily enough, we got to hang out with mountain bike slope-style legend Andrew Taylor. Andrew is currently traveling the country in a RV, riding in every state along the way. ND was 15 of his 48 state tour. Team rider Jesse Erhardt was one of the first people to reach out to AT about riding in Nodak. Unfortunately his time here was cut short due to some troubles in Montana…meaning no Maah Daah Hey. So we tried to show him the gems of Bis-man. Jesse took AT out to Harmon Lake and got some phenomenal shots with fall colors included. Collin luckily flew back from Specialized HQ in time to join in on some fun.

Fall has been wet, abnormally wet. I am not complaining the rain is needed. I don’t like fires and dry soil anymore than the next guy, but unfortunately ND’s clay based soil does not play well with wet and rubber. So we went to plan B… fishing on the Mighty Missouri. The fishing isn’t hot right now, but we hoped to land AT’s first fish of the 6 states he has fished. The walleye were slow. So we decided to run into the bays and try to hook up on a Northern or two. It was one after another on some smaller and medium sized pike. Fishing was cut short due to AT having a podcast interview. None the less we had a good time. Unfortunately AT had to take off on the 3rd day, but we snuck in a ride at Pioneer. 

All and all we had a phenomenal time with AT. We hope we showed him a good time for the short amount he spent here. He said he was very surprised in ND and that he will be back again. Check out his video of NDand follow his 48 State tour on youtube.

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