Everyone here at Epic Sports is excited about the  electric pedal assist bikes offered by Specialized.  Here is a description taken from Specialized.com that explains the concept:

Turbo Levo electric mountain bikes combine all of our hallmark mountain bike designs, like roomy top tubes, ultra-short chainstays, and low-slung bottom brackets, with the most powerful pedal-assist technology on the planet. So you’ll get up to 530 watts of pedal-assisted power at your disposal, plus reliable battery lifespans for long rides, all housed in a complete mountain bike package that’s designed to handle like a dream on the trail.

We are all about human-powered adventure here at Epic, so the thought of anything “electric” was met with initial skepticism. That is until we road one of the new Turbo Levos. The ride has to be experienced to believe. Rather than do the work for you, the bike ushers you along, making those straightaways faster, those downhills zippier, and the fun factor amplified.  The pedal assist allows for more ground covered and longer days on the trail.  Think of the Turbo Levo as a wind at your back.  The Turbo Levo’s are currently on display at Epic Sports, so come on down and see what all the excitement is about.  Here is a video from Specialized.com.  What are your thoughts?


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