Group Rides have Begun!

Group Rides have Begun!

Riding is always better with friends. Luckily you have three options every week to hit the road with some of the best folks around!

The Rides
Tuesdays:  We leave at 5:45pm sharp. Gather at, depart from and return to Base of U of Mary Hill.  It’s the little parking lot just over the bridge on south 1804 before you start up the hill.   This is a fast-paced ride broken into 3 segments of about 10 miles each after which we briefly regroup.  Big Loop distance is about 35 miles; Little Loop is about 27. Everyone is welcome, but know that we sometimes hammer it.  
Wednesdays:  We depart from 701 Cycle & Sport at 6:30pm.  This is NOT a race.  This is a group ride among sensible people who want to get into cycling, introduce their kids to the same, are getting back into riding, or need to see if their legs still work after Tuesday’s ride. We have seen many, many riders start out with this group, and next thing you know, they're doing Tuesday and Thursday rides and carving it up on the gravel and mountain bike. We ride as a GROUP (no drops) and for about 1:15 minutes.  We stay on paths and lightly trafficked neighborhood roads. We have some excellent ride leaders for this night, full of riding knowledge and can even change a flat for you if you haven’t learned to do so.  Average pace is 14-17mph.  If your daughter or son can ride that pace, this is the perfect group ride for you and them.  ATTENTION:  this is also the ride to which we will dedicate a couple times this summer to “FAMILY RIDE” and “E-Bike” rides.  Stay tuned for details.  
Thursdays:  The start place is new this year, the time the same 6pm.  We will NOT be riding down River Road anymore.  See map below for the new start location.  
This is a moderate to fast-paced ride.  Various groups usually form for different paces.  If Tuesday is too fast, and Wednesday is too relaxed, this is “just right.”  (Besides below routes, there is also a nice flat loop around Misty Waters for those looking for something shorter.)    
This is also an “OPTION” ride.  Opt for road or opt for gravel road.  This means a new start location - one that can work for both road and gravel.  See map below.  This new little neighborhood park is perfect.  Within a couple miles from the start we can be on 1804 headed to the “Red Barn” on paved road, OR we can be riding some of the Burleigh County Cup gravel roads.  One can also dive out of gravel and back on to 1804 at a couple points along the gravel loop, or vice versa.  Again, see the map for the start park location.  (It’s just west of Liberty Elementary off north Washington on NW 57th.)  


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