2021 Bike Industry Outlook … Our Shop’s perspective.

2021 Bike Industry Outlook … Our Shop’s perspective.

By: Collin Kemmesat Comments: 0

As we [hopefully] near the end of a pandemic throughout the world, the question arises, will products be in stock for 2021? Luckily, we are slightly less effected in ND than other metro areas, but we are feeling and will continue to feel the effects of quantity shortages into 2022 and possibly even into 2023. We are working with our manufacturers to get the products you want and need, but we will fall short in a handful of circumstances. So, what can you do to make sure that your respective season is less at risk?


Well, we have a couple of suggestions: 


Buy and repair in the off-season.

Most customers we see will wait until a turn of weather to get into our store for a purchase or repair, and well, you are not alone – everyone else is thinking the same thing too. We recommend being proactive and trying to make that purchase or repair during the off-season allowing for you to not miss a day out.


Buy or reserve long before or as early as you can.

The title sounds uncomforting – but we are seeing estimates of 6 – 12 months on certain products. If you can, either put money down or at least get your name on the list for a shop to call you when your product comes in. Most of the time shops like us have your products on order. We are just waiting for fulfillment. If you are interested or want to buy a product in the next year, we recommend calling ahead or stopping in to get your name on a waitlist. 
One of the hardest things for 2021 will be repair parts, and although it is mentioned above, we want to stress the issues that we are seeing this year and likely beyond and we want to help you understand what is happening in the industry. Most of the manufacturers, specifically on the bike side, have their own parts ready to go (for example, frames). What is holding them up is parts. In the quality bike market, there are only two main manufacturers that are used – Shimano & Sram. Now there are some smaller component manufacturers that make a variety of parts, but these two big ones supply 90% of the bike manufacturers with parts. Now the same parts that we are after to repair your bike are the same parts the manufacturers are after to finish building their new bikes and get them out to shops. This is resulting in a very high strain on the supply chain. We are unsure of when these supply issues will end, so at this point we can only recommend that you get your bike in ASAP. As always, we will do our best to communicate the status of parts and repairs and get all of our customers taken care of in a timely manner. 


The biggest takeaway and recommendation we can give you is to get ahead of the curve if you want to enjoy your respective sport in 2021.

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