Snowboard & Ski Tuning Service

Snowboard & Ski Tuning Service

Let our staff give your gear a tune-up for a better ride out on the slopes! Offering tune and repair services for skis and snowboards.

Ski & Snowboard Tuning and Repair Services:


Edge: $20

Our technicians will cut and polish the edges of your board or skis


Simple Wax: $20

A temperature specific wax is ironed into the base of the board or skis - then scraped, buffed, polished and you are ready to shred


Wax & Edge: $40

The board or ski edges will be re-cut and polished and a fresh wax will be ironed on, scraped, brushed, and buffed


Basic Tune: $50

The basic tune will get you the wax and edge services listed above plus p-tex repair to any light scratches on the base


No Appointment necessary. Just bring your gear by the shop and we will call you when it's ready to go!


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